0.5.0-RC2 (2024-03-13)

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  • Second release candidate for the Scala Native 0.5.0, see changelog of 0.5.0-RC1.md for details of changes introduced in 0.5.x line.

  • Not backward compatible with previous releases,

  • Added support for multithreading based on platform threads

  • Added support for targeting 32-bit architectures

  • Initial source level debugging support

  • Various changes to the build system. See “Build Integrator features” below.

  • Removed stub implementation for partially implemented Java Standard Library types

  • SIP-51 support: artifacts for every Scala standard library version

Supported Scala versions

Scala Binary Version Supported Scala Versions
2.12 2.12.14 ... 2.12.19
2.13 2.13.8 ... 2.13.13
3 3.1.2 ... 3.1.3
3.2.0 ... 3.2.2
3.3.0 ... 3.3.3

Upon release of new Scala version (stable, or Scala 3 RC) version dependent artifacts would be published without a new release.

Commits since 0.5.0-C1: 39
Contributors: 7


Big thanks to everybody who contributed to this release or reported an issue!

$ git shortlog -sn --no-merges v0.5.0-RC1..
  22	Wojciech Mazur
  6	Kirill A. Korinsky
  5	LeeTibbert
  2	Lorenzo Gabriele
  1	Anton Sviridov
  1	João Costa
  1	Michel Davit

Merged PRs

v0.5.0-RC2 (2024-03-123)

Full Changelog

Merged pull requests:

Scala Native runtime

  • refactor: Fix placement of access of scala.scalanative.runtime definitions #3805 (WojciechMazur)

  • feature: Add unsafe.Ptr.{+,-, apply, update} variants taking Long #3807 (WojciechMazur)

  • feature: Define an extension method for conversion .toCSize as an alias to .toUSize #3808 (WojciechMazur)

  • feature: Allow to create overload of extern method #3809 (WojciechMazur)

  • Preliminary support of OpenBSD/amd64 #3817 (catap)

  • Preliminary support of NetBSD/amd64 #3835 (catap)


Java Standard Library

POSIX bindings