Language semantics

In general, the semantics of the Scala Native language are the same as Scala on the JVM. However, a few differences exist, which we mention here.

Interop extensions

Annotations and types defined scala.scalanative.native may modify semantics of the language for sake of interoperability with C libraries, read more about those in Native code interoperability section.


Scala Native doesn’t yet provide libraries for parallel multi-threaded programming and assumes single-threaded execution by default.

It’s possible to use C libraries to get access to multi-threading and synchronization primitives but this is not officially supported at the moment.


Finalize method from java.lang.Object is never called in Scala Native.

Undefined behavior

A number of error conditions which are well-defined on JVM are undefined behavior:

  1. Dereferencing null.
  2. Division by zero.
  3. Stack overflows.

Those typically crash application with a segfault on the supported architectures.

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