C POSIX Library¶

Scala Native provides bindings for the core subset of the POSIX library:

C Header Scala Native Module
aio.h N/A
arpa/inet.h scala.scalanative.posix.arpa.inet
assert.h N/A
complex.h N/A
cpio.h N/A
ctype.h N/A
dirent.h scala.scalanative.posix.dirent
dlfcn.h N/A
errno.h scala.scalanative.posix.errno
fcntl.h scala.scalanative.posix.fcntl
fenv.h N/A
float.h N/A
fmtmsg.h N/A
fnmatch.h N/A
ftw.h N/A
glob.h N/A
grp.h scala.scalanative.posix.grp
iconv.h N/A
inttypes.h scala.scalanative.posix.inttypes
iso646.h N/A
langinfo.h N/A
libgen.h N/A
limits.h scala.scalanative.posix.limits
locale.h N/A
math.h N/A
monetary.h N/A
mqueue.h N/A
ndbm.h N/A
net/if.h N/A
netdb.h N/A
netinet/in.h scala.scalanative.posix.netinet.in
netinet/tcp.h N/A
nl_types.h N/A
poll.h N/A
pthread.h N/A
pwd.h scala.scalanative.posix.pwd
regex.h scala.scalanative.posix.regex
sched.h N/A
search.h N/A
semaphore.h N/A
setjmp.h N/A
signal.h N/A
spawn.h N/A
stdarg.h N/A
stdbool.h N/A
stddef.h N/A
stdint.h N/A
stdio.h N/A
stdlib.h N/A
string.h N/A
strings.h N/A
stropts.h N/A
sys/ipc.h N/A
sys/mman.h N/A
sys/msg.h N/A
sys/resource.h N/A
sys/select.h N/A
sys/sem.h N/A
sys/shm.h N/A
sys/socket.h scala.scalanative.posix.sys.socket
sys/stat.h scala.scalanative.posix.sys.stat
sys/statvfs.h N/A
sys/time.h scala.scalanative.posix.sys.time
sys/times.h N/A
sys/types.h N/A
sys/uio.h scala.scalanative.posix.sys.uio
sys/un.h N/A
sys/utsname.h N/A
sys/wait.h N/A
syslog.h scala.scalanative.posix.syslog
tar.h N/A
termios.h N/A
tgmath.h N/A
time.h N/A
trace.h N/A
ulimit.h N/A
unistd.h scala.scalanative.posix.unistd
utime.h scala.scalanative.posix.utime
utmpx.h N/A
wchar.h N/A
wctype.h N/A
wordexp.h N/A

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